Reasons behind common Indian women don't wear bikini in India

I am an Indian & I will tell you why common Indian women don't wear bikini in Indian . Because there are both modern & extremely conservative cities existing side by side in India. Indian women do not wear bikinis because It's a different culture.Our brains are conditioned so deeply and strongly that woman's respect lies in keeping our bodies covered. Female body should be protected from obscenity and keeping it covered in a dresses like sari will save woman's dignity. 

Some also might believe that beauty of female body is for her husband alone and should not be flaunt in public. It should be left to imagination than on public display. Also India is not a very well educated country where people will respect personal freedom of one's choice of wearing a dress of her likes, men in India might think if a girl is wearing revealing cloths is an indirect invitation to have sex (which is not true), which could be risky for woman as she is at risk of eve teasing or can even get raped. 

(i) Most are shy & feel uncomfortable wearing clothes that cause to expose. 
(ii) Long running traditional culture. 
(iii) Many do not have that great bodies. 
(iv) Its not safe...YES...Most Indian men...if they see a woman in a bikini they STARE until their eye-balls roll out. 
(v) Political pressure: Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party MLA Lavu Mamledar has said that the two-piece swimwear is against Indian culture and a threat to the country's chances of becoming a superpower.
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In western nations men & women are habituated seeing women in less clothes. Here its not so. Even women wearing jeans or sleeveless clothes draw considerable attention from males & imagine an Indian woman wearing bikini among such people. But in big cities you will find many rich & young women wearing bikinis while taking a swim in their private swimming pools or in clubs. Nowadays there are lot of women are wearing shorts, sleeve less and bikini as time is changing.

Indians have always been slow in accepting new things. Its more like when computer was invented, being the greatest invention ever, those times people all over the world opposed it. But any ways.. Indians are getting modern now. The not wearing bikini thing only applies to old or middle aged women. There is no grudge against wearing bikini in the new generations.

I think all females are ogled unfortunately. But I think its perfectly fine if you can wear a bikini.I personally say go for it.But the decision is in your hands.
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Despite being raised Hindu where parents enrolled in a Catholic school and proceeded to enroll in university to study medicine but become model cum entrepreneur.
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