10+ Special Objectives for Women to Grooming in workplace

Women world wide are facing hardship now these days but still they want to grooming on them. Working women tend to make an impression in office every day, but it is a little tougher to decipher the rules of workplace grooming.

10+ Special Objectives for Women to Grooming in workplace 

Here are rules women should follow...
  1. Cover under eye circles since they make you look sleepy. 
  2. Make sure your skin tone is even. Always wear foundation or whatever face makeup you prefer evenly and cautiously. 
  3. Keep your skin well moisturized. Hydrated skin looks fresher. 
  4. Wearing mascara and lip color is a must. Mascara make you look polished, while adding a tint on your pout will complete your look. 
  5. Elaborated eye makeup means overdoing it. Avoid wearing electric blue eye shadow.
  6. One big no-no is overly long, false nails or elaborate nail art. Keep your nails short, clean and neutral-colored. 
  7. Never wear false eyelashes to work. 
  8. Go easy on the perfume. Use light ones so that people can smell it only when they are very near. 
  9. Shave your legs if you are wearing a formal skirt or anything that reveals your legs. 
  10. Step away from the self-tanner. 
  11. Wear clean & polished shoes regularly. Rubber soles are preferred as it reduces noise and slipping. 
  12. Sunglasses and prescription glasses must be a conservative style (i.e. black or brown rimmed or silver or gold metal frames). Multi colored, patterned or bright colored glasses are not acceptable. 
  13. Visible tattoos are not permitted. It is also advised to cover any skin issues like eczema. 
  14. Hair longer than shoulder length is to be tied back, off the face and away from the front of shoulders in a neat and conservative style. A neat ponytail or bun is preferable.
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