Indian Republic Day Celebration 2015 and US President Barack Obama

It is just twice in the year that we remember something about our country and nation and surf about it on the internet. No doubt that republic day is special for every country but it is something more special this time.

Indian Republic Day Celebration 2015 and US President Barack Obama 

It is the US President Barack Obama who is making it special by coming to India. Well, coming to the topic which is usually known but still unknown. It is the day when the constitution of India was enforced.

It was the year 1950, after the three years of our independence from the Britishers that we enforced the Constitution of India. It is declared as the National Holiday in India.
Looking at the history, we can see that it was Congress who was actually fought for it and declared the date as Purna Swaraj. The Declaration of Indian Independence (Purna Swaraj) was proclaimed by the Indian National Congress and it was done on 26 in 1930. Republic day is celebrated in the national capital of India.

It is celebrated on 26th January every year. Parades are conducted every year after the President’s speech on the occasion. They are held at Rajpath. It will be the 66th year of our Republic day. It is something to be proud of. Many important occasions and decisions are made on this event every year.

He awards and rewards are also declared and the deserving people are honored with the awards. The Beating Treat is an official ceremony given by the three main defense services of our country. These are- Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. The beats like Bands, Pipe and Drum Bands, Buglers and Trumpeters are performed by many Army Regiments.

This time also, this national Day will be as interesting as it would be before. So, enjoy the 66th Republic Day. We are proud to be an Indian. On this occasion, when we want to wish our family and relatives, we send them images and text messages on the social networks and their phones. We cn wish them through text message and whatsapp too. Here are some messages that will make your job easy. Just visit our website, copy the message, paste it there and click on Send button.

 Happy Republic Day 2015 Quotes, SMS, Wishes, Messages

1. On this special day,
lets promise our motherland that
we will do everything
to enrich and preserve our heritage
our ethos and our treasure
happy republic day
2. Happy RepublicDay
‘-., .’
_-‘ I ‘-._ _.._
._.-.’ LOVE ‘ -‘ .-‘
‘._/| MY , ‘;’-
‘. INDIA /
‘. .’
Jai Hind.

3. RepublicDay is a good time
to examine who we are
and how we got here.

4. Jindagi hai kalpanao ki jang kuch to karo iske
liye dabaang jiyo shaan se bharo umaag..
lahrao sabke dil me desh ke liye taranggg…

5. Tareef dekhtay hi bhaav umaday shaheed,
parade, jhanday ankhon mein ubharay meri
yaadon mein surakshit hain 26 January kay woh saray melay

6. Justice
May our dream of a new tomorrow come true for us
Happy RepublicDay.

7. 31 States,
1618 Languages,
6400 Castes,
6 Religions,
6 Ethnic Groups,
29 Major Festivals
1 Country!
Be Proud To Be An Indian!…
Great Republic…
Happy Republic Day !!

8. Azad Bharat K Nikamo,
Kal Agar Dipawali Ya New Year Hota
To Aaj SMS Ki Line Laga Dete
Ab Kam Band Karo Aur Sabko Msg Karo.
Happy Republic Day Chak De India

9. Freedom in Mind,
Faith in Words,
Pride in our Heart,
Memories in our Souls.
Lets Salute the Nation on REPUBLICDAY.
Other might have forgotten but never can I;
May the memories of martyrs never die.
May lakhs of brave-hearts take birth on our motherland;
And the flag of our country always furls very high!
Happy Republic Day!

10. Mera Joota Hai Japani;
Yeh Patloon Englishtani;
Sar Pe Lal Topi Russi;
Fir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani!
Happy 26 January!

This is the collection of 26th January – Happy Republic Day 2015 Quotes, SMS, Wishes, Messages in Hindi. If you have such more stuff regarding 26th January / Republic Day of India, then please feel free to share with us.

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