Top 3 Factors of Indian Women Want from Common Society

Based on my observation in real life and social networks, I have seen three things very common in all women. As a woman, I know it’s difficult to understand a woman, they constantly have mood swings, their taste changes, they constantly look for something fresh and desirable. Girls in urban cities are different from girls from semi urban places, while woman from rural places have totally different thought process. India is a developing country and women in this country are developing with the country. Girls in urban places wants everything they want, they are independent and domineering, they look for intelligent, good looking people and of course rich people around. Urban girls see stuff, feel things and want to achieve what other are achieving. They feel jealous when they see other girls with same intellect and looks do well in life. Due to the famous Facebook, the jealously culture is prevailing in India. Everyone is flaunting a diva look clicked by high resolution cameras. You hardly see an ugly girl on the web. The better your camera, the better you look.

Top 3 Factors of Indian Women Want from Common Society 

Urban girls are devoid of real love, they are so perfect that they hardly find a good match for them and finally end up dating a douchebag, who finally leave her for a better option. Urban girls are beautiful from outside but they have so much pain hidden inside, they are so successful in their jobs but they fail to have a great relationship. They read books, magazines still they find no peace of mind. They never get their prince charming. Only the lucky ones who know the art of balancing their love and job life get their share. Girls in semi-urban cities are lucky, they stay with their family, they have enough time to enjoy unlike girls in metros. They are real lucky ones with fewer aspirations, they want to look like the Bollywood stars, wants their boyfriend to look like someone like Shahrukh Khan. They are filmy. They want a big fat wedding, a big house, a big car and a great family. Getting married is their sole ambition in life and they are actually happier than the ultra urban girls. The urban girls don’t have so much time to mingle and end up doing casual flings. They have a disturbed life. Girls from rural places have no goal, no dressing sense but they are so full of love and affection. They marry early and have kids. Their life is all about family. Every woman is unique, some look beautiful from outside, some look intelligent, some look hot and some look desirable.

3 Things Indian Women Want…

1. Women want abundance of love, more than man. They want someone to hold their hand in public places, they want somebody to listen when they are depressed, they want someone to walk along in the rain. They want a constant companion and when they don’t get love, they become depressed. They become ruthless; they want a partner who satisfies them from top to bottom. Someone who understand them, someone who treats them like princesses. 

2. Women want enough money so that they can live a life without stress. They want their partner to earn so much that they don’t have to slog. Money is something, which plays a great role in keeping a relationship stable however it’s not the real thing for sure. 

3. Love making plays a great role in a woman’s life. A good night or an afternoon full of love can keep a woman fresh for weeks and even months. They want pleasure from their partner and when they are satisfied, they can just do anything for you. There’s nothing like making love in a rainy day, in a open terrace or under the shower. Well, understanding a woman is the hardest thing in the world however few men are lucky to have the desired girl in their life who actually wants nothing. Those girls just want happiness, they can adjust in any circumstances, they will stand by you in your bad days, they will take your pain, and they will just surrender themselves in your arms. Amid the hectic city life, there are people who never find true love; they just keep stumbling against the right and wrong ones…
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