What is B grade movie in Bollywood and How those movies are made?

I have been asked thousands of times by friends and fans, " Are you B grade movie actress?" Honestly, I had no direct replies for the question because I had no idea about B grade movie in Bollywood. As my acting career was started in 2004 when I was tried learn the ABC of acting and dancing. When time was passing and works load was increasing day by day, I was getting insight of acting and fashion industry. After a long journey in front of camera, I have been taught large number of tips and tricks from seniors as well as co-starers. But my question was still unsolved "What is B-grade movie in Bollywood or in India?"

I had done the roles as story demanded and directors asked to perform but never complaint on stories(scripts) if I would do that then I would not be an actress. Being an actress, it needs to follow some discipline on set or out of set. 

Finally, in 2015, I have tried to find the reply as I have already left the industry forever. Before you got the reply of B-Grade movie, it is needed to understand the meaning of "DESI" because desi word directly related to the b-grade movie. Desi means India subcontinent born culture or tradition. So, some extra ordinary scenes are included in cinema which are not shown in U grade cinemas. There's Indian cinema and then there are our 'desi' flicks and tricks. The things that distinguish desi flicks from mainstream cinema are its aesthetically perfect movie posters, super-creative movie titles, a basic storyline, production value, star cast & the budget. A B-grade movie is generally defined as a low budget film that is definitely not art house or pornographic.  The founding father of B grade films are Vinod Talwar, Mohan Bhakri and D films are Raj Kumar Kohli, Joginder and K Bapaiya. 

After a lot of research, I have put together a list of 'very creative' low-budget movie posters that's sure to bring out the movie buffs in you. OR NOT.  While Neha Dhupia's famous quote 'sex and SRK sells in Bollywood' holds true for A-Grade-films, there is a blooming parallel industry of B, C, D and E-Grade films that can easily do without any Khan. 

All they need is a heavy dose of 'erotica and cheap thrills' to get the desired eyeballs. 
Here's what a B-Grade-films-enthusiast Aseem Chandaver, the director of Miss Lovely (which pays tribute to C-Grade films) Ashim Ahluwalia, the king of B-Grade-films Kanti Shah, have to say about the ABCs of the industry and what makes it such a cult. 

Ahluwalia, who has spent 10 years researching on this industry says, "It's actually a meaningless term. In its original usage in 1950s America, the term specifically described a film intended for distribution as the unknown; bottom half of a double feature, often in drive-in cinemas. It doesn't mean anything in India except it is often a raunchy film without major stars, although Dharam-ji has appeared in many." 

In case you guys know of more, post it in the comments section! Here's are some pointers to define the B,C, D and E grade films in Bollywood. 
According to Chandaver, the evolution of B-Grade films started in 1987 with a film called 'Raat Ke Andhere Main'. 

Chandaver who boasts of a collection of 400 titles says, "The directors express their wildest fantasies through these films. In the 80s there wasn't much nudity in B movies except for films like 'Pyaasa Shaitan'." 

The popular notion is that B films are all about sex and sleaze. "They don't follow any rules," says Ahluwalia. 

These films range from B, C, D to E grade. What separates a D grade film from B and C is bad production and very bad actors

In D grade films if there is shortage of actors they cast their spot boys as well. There are also various genres in these films horror, daku, junglee, Tarzan, erotica, naag and action. 

"The horror genre inspired by the Ramsays is unfortunately dying." Ashim confesses, "C-Grade films are more honest and are characterised by violent, gory, and mostly sexual content and a minimum of artistic interest. They are not even trying to mimic A-Grade films and often have something unintentionally interesting going on." 

Ahluwalia says, "Most people find them funny because they can be accidentally quite hilarious," and adds, "The target audience are the people who find Aamir Khan or Amitabh Bachchan boring and would rather see a Chudail rip someone's head off or have an erotic shower." 
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