Burning Problems of Women Face all Over the World

A figure that depicts scores of roles in a society, a figure so divine, a figure who lives her life for others, a figure that is an embodiment of peace, gracefulness and beauty, she is a figure, a WOMAN. She is someone, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a friend, a wife and above all, an alter ego of perfection. But the question that needs to be shot is whether we, the society, accept her in all aspects of our life and whether she is made to realize her own preciousness? In the world dominated by men, it can be seen that the image of a woman gets slightly distorted and hardly seems to be fitting in the frame. “Patriarchy rules” is what people have on their minds and actions. World over, patriarchy has been on the throne that rules out women from many arena and derides their participation in fields of values.

Tracing back from the ancient periods, this mindset has become a tradition and the lineage continues bottoming out women. Following this, women are seen as an object of fragility and vulnerability and with it sparks out the safety issue of a woman. Some men target women, taking in their vulnerability as a pro to sexually harass or abuse them. I bet you cannot take your eyes off of such incidents being reported in the news channels or newspapers almost every day. You will encounter gender differences wherever you roll your eyeballs. In a country like India, where women are said to be an avatar of goddess and needs to be worshipped, why is it that cases of rapes and murders are in peak? When it comes to sanity, we people lose it when needed. This is the 21st century where the so-called “modernity” seems to be overpowering people but paradoxically this modernity could only get on to their clothing and food habits. Talking about having a modern mentality and outlook, none I could see yet! But personally, I am glad to see the efforts of feminists striving hard towards their goal of getting the womenfolk their equally deserving privilege as men. Take a look at some of the problems faced by women.


With little or some improvement in the mentality of the people considering the constant endeavour of some feminists or women education, women have found their way to the economic platform “but” not quite as you would like to think off. Gender bias could be seen among working women in the offices where either in promotional ranking or distributing pivotal works, men sweeps them off. White collar jobs are not offered easily. Even when it comes to physical labour, women are discarded with the excuse of them being physically weak than men. Although, this has seen a change recently and more and more women are indulging themselves into any kind of work, out of their comfort zone.


Oftentimes, it can be seen in some families that parents are deviated from their daughters towards their sons. To give this a profound effect, you might have come across families or certain parents who tend to lean more on their sons in respects to education, career and other personal affairs such as property distribution. To them, daughters receiving their basic education i.e. passing matriculation or at best, surviving their higher secondary is more than enough. They are made to sit back home and watch after the kitchen as that’s a prerequisite for marriage! Girls here mentally suffer a lot even though they have high ambitions.


In many countries, especially in India, the trend of working after marriage is a big No even though nowadays some has broken this trend. It is believed by such people that a woman, once married, should look after her in-laws and husband and should be staying indoors. Breadwinner is always supposed to be the male member of the family. I wonder why, if a woman is well educated, should remain inside the four walls of her husband’s house and not equally take part in earning some bread? Is that why we educate girls, to study and get locked up inside after her marriage?


With all of her untold sacrifices for her dear ones, she still is stoned to violence. Let this be from her husband, her in-laws or even her own parents, she is always an object prone to violence. Many incidents as such can be heard and seen where she is knocked off of her feet literally by her husband who either is inebriated or is a frustrated soul who acts all sadist and vents it out all on his wife. She also is a victim of her in-laws, as is mostly seen all around where nothing but verbal or physical bashing takes place. Roaming around with scar, she has no place to go!


Mostly practised in India, this is a kind of act where irrespective of the fact that a woman leaves behind everything just to adjust with a new family, settling a new beginning, the groom’s family places on more stipulation from the bride’s family on materialistic foundation or else. If the demands are not met, she is the one most likely to get scored and tortured in the name of dowry and often times, it takes on such a high toll that the end result is nothing but her death. But who cares what she goes through? Did you ever wonder what is it to leave your own family behind forever?


Now with the growing pace of this modern civilization and its advancement, the cognitive ability is becoming as narrow as possible of most of the men folks in the world. The world is no longer a safe place for women to live in. You have seen women getting sexually harassed by some vile men out in public, either on the streets in broad daylight or in the closed walls of an office. Neither is spared. They either touch their breasts or other private body parts or throw out a verbal remark of abuse. The public transports are the perfect places for such douches where they are the most “hormone fuelled” and become uncontrollable by rubbing off their manhood and playing dirty on women!


What can be worse off than having being sexually molested by your own family member? The ones that we call dear and embrace, take it dirty on us and defile the purity of a relation. No person can be trusted these days with what is going on. You need to be keeping a suspicious eye on everyone. Your grandfather, uncles, brothers and even your so-called “father” sometimes turn out incubuses and you are later to be blamed for having been near them! Women here are left with a mental and emotional scar that can never fade away from their life. The irony is, nobody would believe you if you tell them.


Do you think the women folks are supposed to be quiet even when it is the hour of need? More than often, women are seen as someone who should always maintain a low profile and keep it silent most of the time as that reflects her “beauty”. I ask you people, is that really so? Don’t we have the right to speak up our minds for what we believe is right? Does that really take a huge toll on you? In most parts of the world, women are the puppets and are mere characters of a play of Shakespeare! They are shamed are looked down upon by the society if they happen to raise their voice.


“Hey honey, why go alone? Take me with you.” “You sexy lady, come here and we will have a ride someplace.” “Leave us your contact number, sweetheart.” Yes. These are what I frequently get to hear the moment I walk out of my house into the streets. Although avoiding them does the trick, it makes me apprehensive all the time. This is a case not just with me but girls all over the world. Eve teasing! It’s the most common yet downright harassment for women. The constant catcalls followed by their miserable whistles makes it even more disgusting and having to face such experience almost every day is not welcoming for any women.

1. RAPE-

Here it comes! A nightmare to all the women, rape is something that can occur anytime of the day. Occurrences of rape cases can be heard each day with absconding rapists or some being nabbed. The worst form of torture to a woman as it is, rapists see no dress or age. All they are interested in is ripping off a woman’s prestige. To add up to that, the society rather scorns the rape victim, tagging her with a black spot. I have always noticed this fashion that parents ask their daughters to be careful while going out and put a deadline for backing home in the fear of getting molested. But I ask this to everybody here, why do you rather not tie up the men and ask them to control their libido when going out and not rape any random women than setting up restrictions for a woman?
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