Modern generation dancer Anurekha Ghosh and Indian classical scenario in abroad

There are millions of classical dancers can be found in India as well as abroad but very few practice it with dedication.  Anurekha Ghosh is one of them who never thinks about money and publicity. Surely we can say that born to a new generation of dancers and choreographers is Anurekha Ghosh who is an inevitable name in the world of Indian (Kathak) dance. She has shown her excellence in Choreography. Anurekha is based in United Kingdom. Her technique and style is a combination of “tradition and modernity”.

Modern generation dancer Anurekha Ghosh and Indian classical scenario 

Anurekha has been trained in Indian classical Kathak since the age of 4 and ½ years age under Meera Majumdar and Mousumi Sen in Calcutta, India. Anurekha moved to United Kingdom in 1992. She took further training with Pratap Pawar. And finally she has received training under the tutelage of the renowned Kathak exponent, choreographer and teacher Nahid Siddiqui from Pakistan.

She has learnt the art of Kalaripayattu, a South Indian Martial Arts at CVN Kalari, Kerala under Guruakkal C V Satyanarayanan. She has also taken training in Contemporary Dance. Anurekha is presently receiving training in vocal singing, specializing in Bengali songs and Rabindra Sangeet from the living legend Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta.

Another famous woman Yoga guru Maria Sirriya from Bali, Indonesia writes in her status about Anurekha Ghosh:-

I will never forget this woman. "Do you care what anyone thinks? NO! You have a spine, so stand straight and walk!"

After an inspiring week of Kathak, the dance was only half of it. Hearing Anurekha Ghosh share her personal stories and the stories of her teachers brought endless insights and strength of character.

Kathak just does something I can't explain...I feel stronger, with more inner confidence, immense mental clarity and auto - determination...not to mention spine healing. What great medicine for the soul and life.

And the aspect that made everything work, were the sisters in the class. What an amazing group of women Ana Isabel brought together. She will be getting 1000x the blessings from all that has unraveled from all of us meeting and dancing together.

Editor's Note: If any one want to get in touch the great dancer Anurekha Ghosh, then follow the bellow details. 

Anurekha Ghosh

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