Instant appointment opportunity for internet marketing course trainee via ASIM

Digital marketing has become an essential part of our daily life around the world due to development of information technology. Marketing has gone to internet world due to availability of mobile internet for common users. As per available information says that digital marketing in India has come more limelight after Narendra Modi has come to power as he has started Digital India campaigning through the whole country. North East India is normally backward in case of advanced information technology matter due to lack of contemporary academic institutes or non conventional IT institutes. Honestly, we can not says that there is no IT experts in NE India but very few stay in their own region due to lack of connectivity or some other unknown reasons.

Instant appointment opportunity for internet marketing course trainee via ASIM

 Assam School of Internet Marketing is founded by one of the pioneer professional blogger cum e-marketing guru from North East India who is none other than Main Uddin. According to our reporter who had previously talked him that he is the founder of 10+ e-ventures including popular brand INDILENS.  Assam School ofInternet Marketing also runs under the banner of Indilens News Team.

Aims and objectives of ASIM:

The ASIM was founded to facilitate ecommerce education for the unemployed youths from North East India such they can earn their live hood via Internet Marketing. As per our ground zero report says that ASIM has partially fulfilled their aims.

What are the things ASIM teaches?

ASIM teaches the only digital marketing training program where you get in-depth knowledge of all the 17 modules of internet marketing with practical hands-on exposure via digital marketing experts.  There are a few modules given bellow-

1. Internet Marketing Concept
2. Website Planning & Creation
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Google Adwords
6. Google Analytics
7. Mobile Marketing
8. Content Creation
9. Content marketing
10. Email Marketing
11. Affiliate Marketing
12. Make Money Blogging
13. Reputation Management

A few more essential things are been taught by the Assam School of Internet Marketing. More interestingly the syllabus has been prepared on the basis of Google partner program. So, students can sit examination on Google partner program and easily can become Google certified marketing professional. 

Teaching Method:

Maximum classes will be held via online but a few classes will be held physical via authorized centers across the entire North East India. As per their official website (, there are 17+ centers in North East India and maximum are situated in Assam.

Examination System:

Assam School of Internet Marketing will conduct no examination from their own either online or offline as all students will sit examination on Google via online method and certificates also will offer by the Google. All certificates will valid for internet marketing for company works but those have no university affiliation. All students will appear in examination after completing 120 hours training program and there will 8 papers and 80% is their pass marks (as per Google’s norms).

How to get admission in ASIM:

Anyone can get admission in Assam School of Internet Marketing those have basic computer knowledge and Basic English knowledge. As per their official website, student should pay Rs 10,000 ($200 for NIR or international students) one time or 2 instalments via online or offline counters.  Admission form is available online and anyone can get admission online instantly on their official website.

Job opportunity:

Assam School of Internet Marketing offers 100% job guarantee to their students as per their official website, they will appoint all the successful (Examination passed) students to their own firm on industry norms basic salary.   This offer is valid for limited period only.

Final Lines from reviewer:

Assam school of Internet Marketing has done good job by giving unemployed youths even their course fees is 5 times less than contemporary other institutes out of Assam. So anyone can join this practical training program to get job or can get self employed in ecommerce market. However, nothing is perfect in this realistic world even ASIM too as they have offered job guarantee for limited period only and their curriculum is based on Google’s satisfaction only. Finally, if there would be a rating system then I will give Assam School of Internet Marketing 4 stars out of 5 stars. 
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