The First Trillionaire written by Sapna Jha carries the messages of modern women

There are very little time to read books but one of close friend recently recommended a English novel written by an Indian ordinary women. My friend had not given me details but requested to read the book named “The First Trillionaire” written by Sapna Jha. So, I have bought a copy from Amazon. After reading the Crime mystery with some elements of a love story has always been a deadly combination and interesting to read.

Title: The First Trillionaire
Author: Sapna Jha
Language: English
Publisher: The Write Place
Genre: Crime, Mystery,thriller
ISBN-10: 9384439959
ISBN-13: 978-9384439958
Binding: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 297
A book that brings surprise elements at every turn is what makes readers happy. This is what I found in the book that I was reading last week. The name of the book is “The First Trillionaire” authored by Sapna Jha. I must admit that in spite of the fact that this is her very first book but still the work that she has done is no less than a regular author. The book is simple and easy to understand.

The first half of the book describes the main characters of the book and also a part describes the love story and tragedy that happened in it. The latter half is a bit more technical and has more of crime-mystery elements involving the lead character of the book. This book is mainly about a girl who is naïve in all respects. She has not even received proper schooling and had no one else than her mother, but still, her faith and belief in Maa Durga brought her well against all odds and also a job in the prestigious organization.

This book kept me involved until the end and that is what a good book is all about. I would recommend this book to all because it has an element of love, friendship, family, faith, destiny, obstacles etc. In my view, the author has written the book extremely well and it was something new to read than usual love stories. The unfolding of the story is worth exploring.

The magnificence of such relations as I would see it is purest of all in light of the fact that there is purity. That honesty is plainly portrayed in this part of The First Trillionaire. On the off chance that you are looking for some perusing that takes you back to your old-school recollections then you should read this book by Sapna Jha. You will love the specifics that have been said in this book about building up a decent companionship with no give and take in essence. It is beautiful and heart-touching.

About the Author ‘The First Trillionaire’ :

Sapna Jha’s ordinary nature as a woman comes packaged with extraordinary passion for quality writing, beauty, fashion, yoga, gym and strolls. She also nurtures insatiable passion for scrapbooking for the little ones. With a staunch belief in kindling hope to the world, She highly believes it to be the best healer. She also believes that one’s happiness can only be found from within and that it’s pursuit is worth.

Alok Jha did his schooling from the prestigious Netarhat School, He completed graduation from Patna Science College. He completed her education from some of the most premium institutions in India, NIFT being one of them from where he got a Post-Graduate Diploma. Taking a turn, he joined a PSU bank and worked in various capacities viz. as a Branch Manager in different states of India.

More interesting the translator Mr Alok Jha holds top positions in various banks. However, we can says that ‘The First Trillionaire’is a novel from Banker’s family.  

You can buy the print copy from her official website or Amazon.
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