Creativity Call In Fashion Clothing Industry To Get Success

Dolce & Gabbana has released an exclusive collection for Muslim women and is able to attract a lot of strong attention from various parties.

In the western media landscape full of Islamophobic headlines around the world, this raises many questions, whether Muslim fashion and hijab will become a large and worldwide fashion industry?

The rapid development of the World Muslim Fashion Industry

Muslim fashion is capable of developing into a high-income industry, which even breaks its marketing around the world. Globally the market value in fashion and retail is projected to reach US $ 484 billion in 2019.

Retail consumption habits of Muslims show they have a serious interest in the fashion world. In contrast, a few years ago, very few mainstream fashion businesses in the Western world were paying attention to how Muslim women want to dress. As an alternative path, the 'small' industry actors pose the idea of a "polite fashion industry" solution where designers, stylist, and bloggers find an intermediate path between their faith and fashion for themselves.

Clothing, Identity, and Meaning

The main reason Muslim women choose to wear headscarves because they see it as full obedience and as the principle of decency determined by religion. Some women also see the hijab as a way for them to express their religious identity thoroughly.

Of course, there are many variations in the way Muslim women dress around the world, by harmonizing local dress codes. For example, some wear an abaya somewhere, and some wear a combination of long shirts, tunics, skirts and long dresses, as long as they still adhere to the dress code of Muslims.

For many years before, Muslim women had to be creative and clever in choosing Muslim clothes without any supply from mainstream fashion brands. Where today, various retailers from mainstream fashion brands have specifically designed clothing to be worn by Muslims to meet their needs.

Not only are mainstream clothing brands such as Zara and Mango, but fashion houses like Oscar de la Renta, Armani and Tommy Hilfiger also introduce all of their collections that were put on display in the month of Ramadan. Simultaneously, renowned Muslim clothing designers such as Dian Pelangi, Rabia Z, and designers like Aab are also displaying the appearance of the fashion show.

Previously, many lesser-known designers have been the designers of quality Muslim fashion for several years. The industry players, both bloggers, designers & fashion designers have managed to show the world how to dress politely, but still stylish, always based on his faith. "

Modern Moslem Fashion Innovation

Muslim clothing is a clothing that only has a closed condition and liberate the color, so it can dikreasikan with western fashion as an additional accent. The inventive style has been exhibited at Islamic Fashion Week from Malaysia to Cannes, to New York Fashion Week in 2015. Some designers, such as Calvin Thoo, use colorful and avant-garde elements such as ornaments for their hoods adorned with feathers, beads, and Gems.

Alia Khan, founder and chair of the Fashion and Design of the Islamic Council of the world (IFDC), saw what Dolce & Gabbana Paris did as a positive breakthrough for Muslim clothing buyers and designers. "It has to be taken seriously and Dolce & Gabbana have confirmed that designers who have not reached such a level of success [Dolce & Gabbana], should see this as an opportunity for their progress. The door is already open "

Khan, who lives in Dubai, but grew up in Canada and the United States, said: "What I feel is something unique and amazing from these fashion demographers, where designers do not have clue about what is the trend and what is not Trend. "He continued," I think it's very unique, because they still maintain their individualistic nature by combining approaches to their way of life. " This provides an appeal where the challenge is to combine their fancy taste with what the market wants.

Variations & Style of Muslim Fashion

Although Muslim fashion has a global movement, there are many different styles based on observations of how women living in Dubai or Jakarta with those living in London or New York, who still refer to and adapt to regional influences and cultural motives, or mixing popular patterns And local streetwear continues to grow. Designer touches, big sunglasses and blink-blinks, and flowery caftans will probably dominate in the UAE, while London leans more towards the edgy mix, visible that this is adapting to the weather and urban life. Awesome! That Islamic fashion is not monolithic and even varies widely,

With so many hijabistas (fashionistically veiled) in online media and fashion magazines, it shows how complex the hijab is. Last spring alone, H & M introduced the veiled model Mariah Idrissi as part of a collection of denim collections that became popular among British Muslim youth. Through Idrissi, hijabistas such as the Swedish-Jordanian Faith Aldebe have gained widespread appeal with turban luxe clothing models for Muslims and non-Muslims. UNIQLO partnered with British designer Hana Tajima for their LifeWear collection by demonstrating that courteous clothing can have a special attraction for all Muslims.

Polite Dress Movement

All of these are positive ways to bring more diversity to the fashion world. This gives strength to Muslim women who face stereotypes, to express their beauty without having to compromise with the stereotype. The constant debate for these outfits, often confronted with laws that apply around the world, this is the greatest challenge for Muslim women living in the West.

The fashion industry is well-known for taking a comprehensive movement, packing it better, and selling it to the public. Historically, punk, hip-hop, goth subculture have been over-fashioned before. Yes, this can be a potential for visibility in movement.

In the future, Muslim youth in urban areas make it possible to become the spear of this movement. This is a golden opportunity for a vast creation space, with enormous potential along with innovation. This can be a polite dress fashion movement, where Muslim designers and creative industry players create the clothes they want and people wear, giving a positive image of the stereotypes and images for who they are and what they believe.
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